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The Bullpen with Adam the Bull
Saturday, October 20th
Brian is not big on the Jacksonville Jaguars at this point. Blake Bortles is struggling, in large part to all of the injuries that they have attained. When you look at the old Steelers teams the numbers today are incredible. 5,000 yard passing seasons right now is the old 4,000 yards. We are going to have to make adjustments for how we're going to look at Hall Of Fame Voting according to Brian because of this. In the NFL we have seen defensive payers take issue with the new rules, but it's about time they move on and they simply are. When they get to the quarterback, they aren't drilling the QB into the ground. All of these officials need to use common sense, if it's flagrant and excessive then flag them. The Clay Matthews hit early on the season looked perfectly legal. Quarterbacks don't want to wear a red jersey and not be hit. When you look at top two rookie quarterback picks, Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield have been pretty impressive. Baker Mayfield is very accurate deep, but the receivers need to catch the ball more. When it comes to Kansas City, the issue with them has been there defense.