Williams: Do Your Talking On The Field

Athletes can voice opinions on any topic, Bernie Williams said, as long as they back it up with their play on the field

After Hours with Amy Lawrence
July 13, 2018 - 10:17 am



Five-time All-Star and four-time World Series champion Bernie Williams dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence to discuss leadership styles of modern players, as well as their use of social media, among other topics.

With all of the young talent in the Bronx, Lawrence asked the Yankees legend what advice he would give to players beginning their careers. 

"It's a lot easier to do your talking on the field with your actions and your bat and your defense and performing rather than being vocal,” Williams advised. "But there are players that are going to be voicing their opinions and things like that. You've just got to make sure they back everything up with what they do on the field."

Lawrence asked if social media was a positive or negative in the game of baseball. 

"I don't think either,” Williams said. "And I think as everything . . . evolves, I think that the players have to make the adjustments. I think you're going to play to your personality. If you're going to be vocal, you're going to have a vehicle to do that a lot easier than in the past. But if you're quiet, there's still room for that in the game as well. 

"The one thing that makes this game great is that there's no set way of being successful,” Williams continued. “You can go about it in any way you can and any way you know how and still have success in playing this game."