Trujillo: I Don't Believe Landon Donovan

Donovan claims he's rooting for Mexico in the World Cup, but Mariano Trujillo doesn't buy it

Tiki and Tierney
June 22, 2018 - 10:00 am

USA Today Images

Last week, U.S. soccer star Landon Donovan appeared in a Wells Fargo advertisement and expressed support for Mexico in the 2018 World Cup. He also encouraged fellow Americans to do the same. The U.S., of course, did not make the tournament, so Donovan wanted to support our southern neighbors. 

Donovan received considerable backlash for these comments, which may or may not have been influenced by commercial motives. 

Still, one must wonder: If the shoe were on the other foot, would Mexico root for the U.S.?

“No,” FOX Sports soccer analyst Mariano Trujillo said on Tiki and Tierney. “That’s the only answer I will say. I mean, it's just sports, nothing has to do with anything else. It's the biggest rivalry.”

Mexico, to its credit, opened the World Cup with a 1-0 win over defending-champion Germany.

“When your rival is playing in the World Cup and you're not, you want them to do very, very, very bad,” Trujillo said, laughing. “So you can at least laugh and say, ‘Hey, how was Russia? Did you take a lot of pictures because you didn't play at all?’”

Still, Trujillo thinks Donovan’s comments – and the debate that ensued – will only intensify the U.S.-Mexico rivalry.

"I think that pumps up the rivalry,” he said. “I don't agree with Landon Donovan. I know Landon, I have worked with him, I've played against him, and (he) probably did it because of different reasons. Obviously, there's the commercial reason, the marketing reason. . . . But I don't believe him. I think deep down he doesn't like Mexico (winning) in the World Cup.”