Trent Dilfer: I Was So Wrong About Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville has dropped four of five, including three straight, and benched Blake Bortles on Sunday

The DA Show
March 16, 2019 - 12:45 am

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Video of Former Super Bowl Champion QB Trent Dilfer

Things have gone from bad to worse in Jacksonville. One year after reaching the AFC Championship, the Jaguars (3-4) have dropped four of five, including three straight – by a combined 90-28.

The Jags have mustered just seven points in each of their last two losses – at Dallas and against Houston – and benched Blake Bortles for Cody Kessler Sunday.

“I have been so wrong on this team,” Super Bowl champion and NFL analyst Trent Dilfer said on The DA Show. “I have been so wrong. I loved how they played through the playoffs. I thought Blake had kind of found his confidence. His teammates and his coaches had supported him so much through his struggles. He comes out at the beginning of this year, he’s playing with a different aura to him, his mechanics look different – he just looks more authoritative in how he played. And then all of a sudden, boy, did they just hit a stinky-sandwich wall. It just went bad fast.”

Bortles had five touchdowns and two interceptions in Jacksonville’s first two games of the season – both wins. In his last five games, however, he has five touchdowns (four pass, one rush) and six interceptions. 

The defense, meanwhile, has allowed an average of 30 points in its last three games. 
“Blake is playing terrible, the defense isn’t getting the ball back, it seems like there’s locker-room dissension – and really, not that many things happened to them,” Dilfer said. “You can’t make excuses for them. They lost a tackle, yeah. Their running back – who’s a good runner but not necessarily one of the best players in football – they lose him. They didn’t lose so much that it should have been an end-of-the-world situation, and it sure has looked that way. I’ve been shocked by what’s happened in Jacksonville.”

DA wonders if Jacksonville should trade for a quarterback. After all, as bad as things are right now, the Jaguars are still very much in the playoff hunt.

“You got to at least make a move – if not permanently, temporarily – to put hope in your team,” Dilfer said. “There’s still time to save the season. But boy, watching the last few weeks, you wouldn’t think that they'd be able to (turn this around).”

The Jaguars play the Eagles (3-4) in London this Saturday at 9:30 a.m. ET.