Stein: No "Slam-Dunk Scenario" For LeBron

Wherever LeBron James plays next season, don't expect the Warriors to worry

Reiter Than You
June 15, 2018 - 9:57 am

USA Today Images


If LeBron James leaves Cleveland, he has plenty of worthwhile destinations, whether it’s Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, or somewhere else.

But one franchise has an advantage over the others.

“Certainly the Lakers because they have the ability to say, ‘Look, you come here, LeBron, and we’ll have room to sign someone else to bring with you,’” New York Times NBA writer Marc Stein said on Reiter Than You. “That naturally puts the Lakers at the forefront of the conversation.”

Perhaps, but would James want to go to the West and have to beat the Rockets and Warriors just to get to an NBA Finals? Especially with a franchise that has finished with a losing record five years in a row?

“Of all the teams we can name – Lakers, Houston, Philly, whoever you want to name – it’s not perfect,” Stein said. “There’s just no slam-dunk scenario (where) LeBron signs and instantly the Warriors are quaking.”

And why should they? They’ve won three of the last four NBA titles, including each of the last two in dominant fashion.

“He has basically three weeks to work on it,” Stein said of James. “As studious as he is, I think he’s going to be looking at all manner of situations and probably scenarios that have not been reported and that no one has thought about yet.”