Shaun Morash: Dallas Cowboys Should Fire Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett showed yet again last week why he shouldn't have a job, Shaun Morash says, and it's time for the Cowboys to sever ties

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October 29, 2018 - 8:18 am

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By Shaun Morash

Cold Open

A tale of two coaches was told on Sunday, one in Houston, one in Seattle about six hours apart in real time. Facing a 4th-and-1 inside his own territory, with a chance to punt the ball away and allow the Seahawks an opportunity to get into game winning field goal range, Sean McVay instead elected to run a quarterback sneak with Jared Goff and got the first down. It is that kind of aggressive coaching that led Doug Pederson to win a Super Bowl and may lead Sean McVay to win one as well.

In Houston, as the clock winded in overtime of Sunday's final clash, Jason Garrett was presented with an easier decision on a 4th-and-1 inside Houston territory, behind maybe the game's greatest offensive line and running back. In overtime, as we learned from Frank Reich and Mike Vrabel, players respect if you play to win the game, and surely Jason Garrett would do that with 5 minutes and change left, until he didn't. He punted, putting the game on his defense, only to have Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins rip that plan to shreds.

Was Garrett playing for a tie over a win? How can a locker room built around young players now continue to accept mediocrity from their very own coaching staff?

The Rams are going places, the Cowboys are not, and you need to look no further than those two decisions by two different head coaches as to why. As for Dallas and Garrett, only three words need to be said: Get Him Out.

Ten Yard Gain

1-Lil Wayne should never sit next to any NFL player in a serious interview, ever – even if what Odell Beckham Jr. was saying was correct factually, and it was. The idea that any team should feel motivated or look at a guy as a leader after his words come while the guy who rapped "A Mille" is sitting there joining in is a disgrace to a once-proud Giants franchise.

2-The Titans continue to be the most infuriating contender in recent memory. Beat the Jaguars, beat the Eagles, oh let's lose to the Bills. I will stand by my AFC Super Bowl pick in Tennessee, but they are the new suicide pool wrecker in the NFL, a good team that can never be trusted. Marcus Mariota is always beat up. He has a top wide receiver now in Corey Davis, yet this offense still continues to look helpless at times. Mike Vrabel has a long way to go. Thankfully they have stashed early season wins to lessen the blow of this loss.

3-The Falcons have stopped competing on defense. Injuries aside, to have that kind of weak tackling effort on the road versus a Steelers team that too was doubting itself was pathetic. This is a coaching staff led by Dan Quinn that seems to have a team not trusting its plan. The once-trendy Super Bowl contenders are a loss from the Bucs away from looking ahead to the draft, and maybe a new head coach. 

4- So much for the 3-0 Dolphins and the chorus of people in Miami saying they were the sleeper in the AFC that nobody believed in. The Patriots inflicted a mercy rule a week ago, and now the Bengals come back from 17-0 down and get two turnovers as Miami went into total collapse mode. The Ryan Tannehill era is a tough one to swallow, too good to never draft top five and get a real quarterback, and too mediocre and overpaid to ever get you close to a championship.

5-The Cleveland Browns are 2-0-1 at home this season. Both wins and the tie ugly, but undefeated none the less. The Browns games are clunky and borderline unwatchable, but Baker Mayfield playing meaningful games as Thanksgiving approaches will be good for both this fan base and locker room as the stigma of the negativity surrounding this organization can begin to disappear. 

6-If it isn't one thing, it is another for the Green Bay Packers. This week it was Mason Crosby shanking kick after kick, leading the Packers to another frustrating loss. Luckily for Green Bay, their division, like the NFC East, feels more than mediocre, however teams that continue to find ways to lose in every phase of the game don't generally have hot finishes. The Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay needs a jump start in 2019 if things continue to go south, much like Jason Garrett, Mike McCarthy should firmly have a seat getting much warmer. 

7-The Jaguars signing Jamaal Charles at his age and with his injury history sounds like a panic button alarm by a contender whose star running back in Leonard Fournette may not be healthy all season. A hamstring injury, if not properly rested, can linger. Is it possible Fournette has pushed his rehab too hard? 

8-The Chiefs winning versus Jacksonville behind five turnovers and a good run game may help them go further this season than if Mahomes had another six-touchdown performance on Sunday. The Chiefs defense had been suspect through four games, and the wonder if this roster could beat other contenders without Mahomes being a magician is now answered. Next up, the Evil Empire in New England.

9-The NFL screwed up the end of Giants-Panthers so badly it is impossible to comprehend. By taking challenges out of coaches’ hands in the final two minutes, nothing should ever be controversial, until it is. Christian McCaffery, it appeared, clearly did not get a first down on 3rd-and-1, yet the refs ruled it so allowing Cam Newton to spike the ball on what should have been fourth down, setting up Gano's remarkable game-winning field goal. The outcome of this game could be the difference in a playoff spot, yet it was decided by incompetence in the replay system, a system that only exists to get calls right. Until it doesn't. 

10-Andrew Luck appeared to get stronger as Thursday Night's game continued on, yet the rate at which Luck is throwing should alarm many in Indianapolis. Luck off of shoulder surgery is averaging close to 50 passes a game. The plan should not be for the Colts to think they are competing this year; the plan should be to get Luck right so his career and success is prolonged when the roster is ready to win. Having Luck potentially burn his shoulder out now seems like a plan only Jim Caldwell could come up with, not Frank Reich. 

Five Games to Chew On

5) Chargers @ Browns: Stop the presses: the Browns are in a top five game of the week. Cleveland will look to remain unbeaten at home as the team without a home travels from west to east for an early 1 p.m. local start. The Browns should have confidence in this one, as they did beat the Chargers for their only win in the previous two seasons. The winner of this game, maybe, can begin to be taken seriously as a wild card contender.

4) Ravens @ Titans: This is the embarrassment bowl, two playoff threats losing two ugly games to the Browns and Bills, respectively, last week. The Titans have played well at home this season and one thing is clear: even if this one is ugly, you can expect it to be tight and an NFL Red Zone favorite during the fourth quarter of the early window of games Sunday. The loser will have a two-game losing streak and a lot of self-reflection.

3) Jaguars @ Cowboys: Jason Garrett is facing the heat in Dallas as his decisions are finally on full display in what can sink the Cowboys season. An offense that has remained inept, and a quarterback in Dak Prescott that appears to regress will face its toughest test yet versus a Jaguars team that has to come in with a chip on their shoulder after the loss to Kansas City. Jalen Ramsey is prepared to dance on the Cowboys grave.

2) Steelers @ Bengals: The Bengals are in play for a bye in the AFC Playoffs. Yes, there are 11 weeks to go, but it is a thought so fun and crazy that it needed to be typed out. Did Pittsburgh find its "mojo" back versusAtlanta? Or did they simply run into a more dysfunctional star powered team then themselves? This rivalry finally has meaning again, with the Steelers trying to prove the AFC North is far from decided. 

1) Chiefs @ Patriots: Forget game of the week, this may be game of the year. The Chiefs can take a strangle-hold, opening up a three-game lead on the Patriots for the top seed in the conference, and would have beaten both the Jags and the Pats for tie-breakers. Kansas City in prime time has been a bit of a horror show for the Patriots, who lost last season's opener and the infamous Monday Night game in Kansas City a few years back. Does Bill Belichick have the right scheme to make Patty Mahomes look human? Or will Mahomes send a message to Brady that there is a now boss in the conference at the game's most important position? 

My Picks

A 1-2 week thanks to the Titans and Ravens dropped me to 8-7 on the season. For this week:

Steelers +2.5 @ Bengals: This is my lone dog pick of the week. The Bengals hype train is boarding, and for at least a week, I get off. It is never easy for Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton, yet a win here would make this division race easier. Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown currently have a good "wifi" signal that seems to get stronger. James Connor gets enough big plays on the ground, and the AFC North tightens up by the end of Sunday.

Dolphins - 3 vs Bears: Bookies want you to jump on the Bears getting points versus a team that has looked pitiful in two straight losses. However, this game is in Miami for an early start, and as Bart Scott tells me, always take the Dolphins when they play at home at 1 p.m. as teams simply cannot wake up for those games in heat following a night out in South Beach. The Bears aren't veteran enough to resist temptation and get off to a slow start in this one. Miami wins and covers.

Packers -9.5 vs 49ers: ​A big line to lay with one of the biggest enigmas in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers. But they are home, spotlight on them in prime time, and facing C.J. Beathard. If Aaron Rodgers is going to have an "I won't stand for losing" moment this season, this would be the game. Green Bay pulls away in the third quarter and, at least for a week, we are all smiles in Wisconsin. 

Football Food of The Week

Double Cheese Mozzarella Sticks. Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. For this, you will need cold mozzarella, sliced down into semi-thick sticks, and Cheese Nips or Cheez-Itz crushed down into fine pieces. Dip the mozzarella pieces into an egg wash and then roll in the crunched up cheese snack as if the cheese snack of your choice were bread crumbs. Proceed to either fry or bake the mozzarella pieces covered in the Cheeze-Itz or Nips until golden brown and gooey on the inside. This will be come your traditional mozzarella stick with one slight twist, the outside is also cheese! If you are lactose intolerant this isn’t the snack for you, but heck I’m not so let’s get cheesy. 

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