Samson: MLB Needs To Heavily Advertise Younger Players

Similar to how basketball stars are advertised in the NBA, David Samson thinks the MLB needs heavily promote their younger players, so they can become household names

Reiter Than You
July 20, 2018 - 10:26 am

USA Today Images


We are in the middle of MLB All-Star Week, and baseball has temporality captivated the attention of the entire sports world.

Despite that the MLB season seems to be gradually moving ahead like any other season, the game appears to be changing with the times, so some experts believe it’s time for the league to change along with it.

One of these experts is former Miami Marlins president and CBS Sports HQ MLB analyst David Samson. Expressing his opinions about the overall state of the game with CBS Sports Radio, Samson asserted that baseball is starting to become overwhelmingly dominated by younger players, and teams throughout the league are beginning to realize it.

“I think we have to start marketing these younger players,” Samson said on Reiter Than You. “I think we’re undergoing a shift right now. The way that baseball teams are being run today is that young players are gold, and that’s why people don’t want to trade them and they want to develop their own. We got so many young players performing so well that it’s making teams take notes on how they build their team and how they spend their resources.”

Because of the amount of successful talent that the MLB farm systems have produced in recent years, Samson thinks it has made free agency seem almost obsolete by comparison.

“Free agent contracts, in general, don’t work,” Samson said. “Because you’re not getting the incremental performance at $20 million year over someone making $500,000 a year for the first three years until arbitration.”

Similar to the way that basketball stars are promoted in the NBA, Samson wants the MLB to heavily advertise these blossoming athletes so the league can become more entertaining to the mass public in the long run.

“I think the game is healthy, but it needs more promotion,” Samson said. “I think we have to take a look at everything. I want to see the future of the game not hidden away on Sunday at 4:00 (in the afternoon). I want to see it in primetime. I want to see us promoting our players more so they become household names in the way that basketball players are. I want to see MLB work together with the union and the players to make it so that self-aggrandizement is something that we’re okay with — celebrating, bat flips, things that make baseball more fun. I want there to be more fun.”