Rose: Stanton's Contract Could Be Moved

The Yankees could part ways with Giancarlo Stanton after just one season

The DA Show
November 01, 2018 - 1:15 pm

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Video of MLB Network host Chris Rose joins D.A.

After signing with the Yankees in December, Giancarlo Stanton was expected to potentially spend the rest of his career in the Bronx.

Well, he might be gone after just one season.

Is it possible that the Yankees could actually unload Stanton?

“Yeah, I do, if they’re truly interested in getting (Bryce) Harper, in getting (Manny) Machado, things of that nature,” MLB Network host Chris Rose said on The DA Show. “The Dodgers might be interested at that point in bringing Stanton back home. He’s from Los Angeles and went to high school out there. So I suppose it’s possible. It all really depends on how things shake down in October for each of those teams. I really honestly believe that.”

The Yankees (48-22) have the best record in baseball but lead the Red Sox (49-25) by just one game in the AL East. Stanton has 17 homers and 40 RBIs this season but is hitting just .252 with a .325 OBP and 96 strikeouts in 69 games.

“The Yankees are going to be one of the favorites, even if they end up in that first Wild Card spot and really have to earn their way to the World Series,” Rose said. “If they don’t get any further than they did a year ago, then as great as the year has been in discovering young talent with (Gleyber) Torres and (Miguel) Andujar and (Domingo) German and several others along the way, they’re going to look at their payroll and say, ‘Well, are there other ways that we can make moves to better ourselves?’ 

“Stanton hasn’t been great,” Rose continued. “He’s been okay so far. He can still heat up as the summer goes along and go on one of those home-run barrages that we’ve seen over the years with him and kind of earn his stripes. But I think at this point he’s still kind of considered an outsider as far as Yankees go. He hasn’t earned his just due up here yet.”

DA wonders if Stanton’s contract is even moveable. After all, he’s going to earn at least $25 million a year through 2028.

“It’s possible,” Rose said. “There’s ways to get creative. You can take a guy that’s got somewhat of a decent deal in return. Matt Kemp’s contract moved. It was only a couple of years left, but people thought the Dodgers were just absorbing that and then were going to get rid of him. And look what he’s done: become an All-Star type player again.”

Kemp is hitting .327 with 12 homers and 43 RBIs for the Dodgers (38-34), who trail the Diamondbacks (40-33) by 1.5 games in the NL West.

“So, yes, there are ways,” Rose said. “Even though we don’t think it’s possible as fans, there’s always teams that see it a different way.”