Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs Found Blueprint To Beat Tom Brady, Patriots

The Patriots survived the Chiefs last Sunday; don't expect the same in a potential rematch, Shaun Morash says

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October 29, 2018 - 7:45 am

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By: Shaun Morash

Cold Open

Moral wins seem so cliché, until they aren’t. As was the case in New England on Sunday Night for Patrick “Star” Mahomes (excuse the "Spongebob" pun, but I like that better than using Showtime.")

Mahomes and the Chiefs, despite having the best record in the AFC, could not slay Goliath, but they sure did find themselves a blueprint. Had the Chiefs won that game like they did a year ago, maybe some cockiness or even an edge would have been taken off of them. Instead, by losing and coming so close to a win, they did get the all-important moral victory, which is a better way of saying they have the blueprint to win; next time, just do it.

This worked versus the undefeated Patriots for the Giants in Week 17 of 2007. The locker room left that game angry about defeat, but confident they could slay Goliath if and when the opportunity presented itself again. It did, and they did, in Super Bowl XLII. This time for Kansas City that opportunity may present itself in the AFC Championship Game, only instead of the Giants getting New England in a neutral sight, these Chiefs still control their own destiny to make that rematch happen at Arrowhead Stadium.

Ten Yard Gain

1-The NFL did miss a pick play on Antonio Brown’s game winning touchdown versus the Bengals on Sunday. Though way too much is being made of it. Had the play been called, the Steelers still would have had an opportunity at a walk-off field goal to win the game, and likely would have hit it.

2-Jalen Ramsey wants to talk the talk and have the media eating out of his hand for good quotes when the going is good, but when you get your ass kicked, he wants to give one-word answers like the media is his enemy. Ramsey needs to learn the hard way. It has to work both ways if he is going to be a true superstar/villain in this league.

3-Safe to say the Packers still aren't "right." Mason Crosby got over an enormous mental hurdle and Aaron Rodgers dazzled, but did we ever think we'd see the day where a C.J. Beathard-led 49ers team would bully the Packers defense in their own building? In a league where nothing is certain, picturing the Packers playing late into January with this defense feels, at the moment, like a long shot. 

4-It is funny what one week can do to a hot seat in the NFL. The public outcry for Jason Garrett's dismissal in Big D has cooled after the Cowboys most impressive regular season win in years, at the hands of the Jaguars. Dak Prescott never flinched versus the league's supposed best defense, and suddenly 'The Clapper" has some asking whether or not it is time for him to get an extension. 

5-John Mara has long been respected in this league as the owner of the New York Giants, but this week he took himself another step closer to being more like the Jerry Jones we have come to know, making his franchise more of a clown show by putting gasoline on the Odell Beckham Jr. fire in stating that Beckham should do more playing and less talking. Way to cause more unnecessary controversy, Mr. Mara. 

6-Welcome to Brock-Tober. Brock Osweiler has once again won a football game in the NFL, improving to an amazing 3-0 vs the Bears all time, with all three wins coming with three different franchises. The real story, though, is Adam Gase seemingly having had it with being asked questions about Ryan Tannehill and his health. Gase seemed to back off his questioning Tannehill's toughness on Monday, but sound the panic alarm in Miami. For a team in playoff contention, there seems to be distrust between the head coach and their supposed franchise quarterback.

7-Bill Belichick is often the worst when it comes to getting a great quote. However, he was at his best and could not hold back and go into his usual mumbling routine when being asked about comparing Khalil Mack to Lawrence Taylor. The love Belichick has and had for LT is evident, and now we know, when the going gets tough in a Belichick presser, just compare the opponent's best player to LT. That will spark a quote. 

8-The Bills are turning to journeyman Derek Anderson under center this weekend, and thank goodness because I think I speak for everyone besides Nate Peterman's friends and family when I say I hope the next time we see Nate Peterman is in the XFL. Perhaps he was forced into play too early in his career last season versus the Chargers, but his literal handing of a win late to the Texans on Sunday was so bad I even caught myself asking if the fix was in gambling wise for Nate. Of course I know it wasn't. But that is how pathetic it looked. 

9-Kudos to Nick Bosa for not trying to rush back to play for Ohio State this season, only to not get paid while perhaps further injuring himself. His brother, Joey, has never been right health-wise after his initial hold out, but at least he gets paid while he is hurt, something Nick is surely learning from. Make no mistake, this will haze zero impact on Bosa's draft stock come April. 

10-If the Raiders trade Derek Carr before they move to Vegas, Jon Gruden should not be joining them in sin city. Khalil Mack is one thing – heck, Amari Cooper is even understandable – but franchise quarterbacks don't grow on trees. And let's be honest: after watching Gruden in that dumb bus leading up to draft after draft, does anyone really think he would pick the right replacement for Carr anyway?

Five Games to Chew On

5) Texans @ Jaguars: The Texans, in clunky fashion, have won three in a row after their 0-3 start to revive their season. Thankfully, the division has come back to them, including the Jaguars who suddenly look like more of a playoff pretender than the Super Bowl contender we thought they were after two weeks. The winner of this one could breathe a sigh of relief and start to muscle their way through this division. 

4) Vikings @ Jets: Kirk Cousins stiff-armed the Jets this off-season in favor of a deal with the Vikings. Well, Sunday the Jets get to have the last laugh and they will take the field with a quarterback who before too long will be better than Cousins in Sam Darnold. The Jets are still a year away, but a win versus the Vikings will continue to sell hope to a jilted fan base. Meanwhile, the Vikings have yet to play consistently all season and likely will be without run stuffer Linval Joseph in this one. 

3) Panthers @ Eagles: The Panthers will be playing their third straight game versus an NFC East team and haven't looked great in the first two. A loss to the Redskins followed a week where they one because of a Graham Gano prayer of a kick. Now they travel to the champs house to play the Eagles off half a BYE week. The Eagles front seven may give Cam Newton fits, and the Panthers need to show D.J. Moore and company are good enough to expose the Eagles' fraudulent secondary. 

2) Bengals @ Chiefs: Rarely do we see a game this early flexed into primetime, but this matchup in Arrowhead gives us just that. For the second straight week, Patrick Mahomes and company will be under the lights. This one should be another track meet as Joe Mixon and A.J. Green can bully the Chiefs suspect defense. Can the Bengals do anything at all on the other end to slow Mahomes at home?

1) Saints @ Ravens: Look up and down the NFL at all these great offenses with just average defenses. That may be the new formula to win in this league. That is unless it is the Ravens winning. Baltimore turns teams over, gets sacks, and pushes all the right buttons on that side of the ball. This not only is a sneaky-good test for them versus the Saints; this is the juiciest matchup of the weekend. It sounds crazy now, but this is actually on the table for a Super Bowl preview.

My Picks

A 1-1-1 week across the board leaves me at 9-8-1 on the season.

Dolphins +3 vs Lions: I believe in Brock-Tober! Much like last week we find ourselves in a position to take the Dolphins at home in a 1 p.m. Eastern start, a time and place notorious for opponents to lay an egg. The Dolphins won ugly last week versus a better team than these Lions, I expect Brock to find a way, on the legs of Kenyan Drake and Frank Gore. Give me Miami and a quarterback controversy brewing at home.

Patriots -3 at Bears: The Bears have to be emotionally defeated following their overtime loss they choked away in Miami a week ago, in come the Patriots whose confidence must be high after beating the Chiefs. Though I am not a believer in New England's offense, Bill Belichick has to have the right buttons pushed versus Mitchell Trubisky and this Bears offense. Khalil Mack will eat, but ultimately Josh Gordon, Gronk, and Edelman will make too many plays. Three is an easy number to lay here on the road for the Pats.

Giants +6 at Falcons: ​A game I will pick because I am making the trip down to A-Town to see this Monday Nighter. Do the Giants have any self-respect? Their owner even added fuel to the fire this week in questioning his star receiver and even quarterback to an extent. The Giants aren't good, but neither is the Falcons defense. Six points is way too large a number for a team who cannot stop a nosebleed to lay. No Devonta Freeman again, and Julio Jones still can't find the end zone. Expect a tight track meet and for the Giants likely to get their heart stomped on again, but only by a field goal. Take the points and run.

Football Food of The Week​

Chicken and Waffle Sliders. Look, if you don't have a Belgian Waffle Maker, what are you doing? It is 2018, not 1993, let's go here. Hot-press your favorite waffle mix into your hot waffle iron. Eat waffle will make two sliders, so make enough waffles to warrant the amount of sliders you plan on serving.

On the chicken front, bread and pan fry or break chicken breast strips. Take 1-2 strips per slider. Use a tooth pick to put through waffle piece on top, chicken in the middle, waffle piece on bottom and serve with sweet honey mustard and maple syrup and serve. A perfect hand held juicy mess to serve brunch style for the early games on Sunday. 

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend. Follow me on my Giants-Falcons trip to Atlanta on Twitter and Instagram @MrazCBS.