MLB All-Star Pitcher Chris Archer Traded To Pittsburgh Pirates At The Right Time

"I think this sets up well for Chris Archer, and the Rays couldn’t be happier about the return,” Marc Topkin says

After Hours with Amy Lawrence
October 30, 2018 - 9:45 am

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The MLB trade deadline has come and gone, and two-time All-Star pitcher Chris Archer is on the move.

In a sneaky deal that slightly came out of the blue, the Pittsburgh Pirates acquired Archer from the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for relief pitcher Tyler Glasnow, outfielder Austin Meadows and an unknown third player. This is a strange maneuver by the Pirates, who sit currently at third place in the NL Central behind the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers (six games). While their chances to reach this year’s postseason seem to be a little unlikely, Archer’s addition will definitely be beneficial for the long term — considering he’s under team control in a contract that goes through the 2021 season for only $27.6 million.

Tampa Bay Times reporter Marc Topkin told CBS Sports Radio that it was a good time to finally make the move — both for the Rays and their former ace pitcher. Although he gets the feeling that Archer might be conflicted about the trade, Topkin speculates that the idea of playing for a contender will spark the 29 year old into a major resurgence.

“It was the right time,” Topkin said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I think it was mixed feelings, but I also talked with him after the All-Star break, and he just kind of came off the vibe that ‘I would love to stay, and I want to win, but I want to win more than I want to stay.’ I think he’s going to be invigorated by a pennant race. His numbers were just so-so this year. I think being in a race and pitching in games that matter more — pitching in front of big crowds (will help Archer). He tends to pitch well against teams that haven’t seen him much, so he’s going to have a little bit of an advantage, at least that first time through the NL Central. So I think this sets up well for Chris Archer, and the Rays couldn’t be happier about the return.”

Even though Archer appeared to be somewhat suspect on the trade, Topkin stated the pitcher showed nothing but class when the reporter recently spoke to him about being acquired by the Pirates.

“He said all of the right things — ‘It’s sad to go, excited to be going, nice to be wanted by another team, I hope I left a legacy here,’” Topkin said. “I did sense a little bit of melancholy there when he said, ‘They got this young group. I know a lot of these guys. I’ve seen them come up. I would’ve liked to have been a part of it. I thought that I could’ve helped, but these decisions were made, and I’ll move on, and I’ll watch and root for them.’”