Millar To Anonymous NL Exec: "Do Your Math"

Someone doesn't think highly of Bryce Harper's ability. Kevin Millar explained why that's, um, ludicrous 

Tiki and Tierney
June 15, 2018 - 9:50 am

USA Today Images


World Series champion and MLB Network analyst Kevin Millar stopped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss the latest headlines from around the league, including Bryce Harper, Jacob deGrom, and Shohei Ohtani.

This week, an anonymous NL executive deemed Harper “overrated” and a “losing player.” Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo supported Harper in the media, but the statements have sparked a larger conversation about Harper’s future in Washington.

“I thought it was tired,” Millar said on Tiki and Tierney. “I thought it was a hater-ish type statement if you’re not going to put your name on it, period end of story.”

Millar also questioned the nature of the comment itself.

“It’s a false statement – because since Bryce Harper’s been with the Nationals, they have the highest winning percentage since 2012,” Millar said. “So that doesn’t make sense. When you bring out those harsh statements like that, anonymously, you better put your name to it and you better go back and do your math.”

Millar thought this commentary on Harper could be rooted in bitterness or jealousy, as the right fielder is incredibly successful on the field and off.

Elsewhere in the NL East, speculation is growing that the Mets could trade starting pitcher Jacob deGrom. Tiki and Tierney argue that it is at least an option that should be considered in order to acquire some new prospects – even if it requires making a deal with the Yankees.

Millar disagrees.

“I wouldn’t,” he said. “You can’t find a Jacob deGrom to get back. He’s affordable. People just think, ‘Oh, we’re just gonna trade Jacob deGrom.’ Who would you trade, if you’re the Yankees, for Jacob deGrom? I wouldn’t even make it with (Gleyber) Torres.”

Tiki and Tierney then turned their attention across the country to the Seattle Mariners (44-24), who remain atop the AL West despite Robinson Cano’s 80-game suspension.

“They have won a ton of one-run games.” Millar said of the Mariners, who have won eight of 10. “They have played in a ton of two-run-or-less games. And they’re winning the close games. That’s the difference of where they’re at right now.”

The Angels, meanwhile, might have a choice to make with Shohei Ohtani, who could need Tommy John surgery. Ohtani, a two-way player, could also pursue an alternative treatment that would allow him to stay on the field.

Millar would prefer the latter to the former.

“Let him hit,” Millar said. “Play him.”

Tiki and Tierney also wonder if Ohtani might lose some of his skills during what would be a long recovery period. Millar, however, doesn’t seem worried.

“I think he’s a unique player,” he said. “And I don’t think that stuff goes away.”