Larry Fitzgerald Great In Community, Means So Much To Arizona Cardinals

John Gambadoro has loved covering Larry Fitzgerald. He can't say the same about every elite Arizona athlete

After Hours with Amy Lawrence
October 30, 2018 - 9:15 am

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Some star athletes are exactly and only that: star athletes. Some, however, are much more.

Larry Fitzgerald is much more.

“He’s really, really good in the community. He’s great in the community,” Arizona Sports’ 98.7 host John Gambadoro said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “He’s available. He’s not a jerk.”

Gambadoro can’t say the same about every great Arizona athlete.

“Randy Johnson – Randy was a jerk,” he said. “People hated Randy. You couldn’t go up to Randy. Kids couldn’t go up to Randy and talk to him. Parents couldn’t – nobody could. Randy was just miserable. Now Randy is nice. But Randy Johnson was a miserable guy when he was here. People couldn’t stand him.”

Fitzgerald, who turns 35 in August, has never had that problem. The third overall pick out of Pitt in 2004, Fitzgerald has spent his entire career with the Cardinals, reaching 11 Pro Bowls in the process.

“Larry is a likable guy,” Gambadoro said. “(Fans) chant, ‘Lar-ry, Lar-ry!’ after every practice. They want him to come sign autographs. He’s very outgoing like that with the kids and very involved in the community. He’s one of those guys who’s going to play his entire career with one team.”

Fitzgerald has caught 100+ passes for 1,000+ yards and 6+ touchdowns three years in a row. The Cardinals open the season against Washington on Sept. 9 at 4:25 p.m. ET.