John Andretti: We Don't Like To Lose

Andretti discussed his family, his health, and the Indy 500, among other topics

The DA Show
November 01, 2018 - 2:15 pm

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Video of John Andretti with D.A.

John Andretti dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Friday to discuss one of racing’s most famous families, as well as the Indy 500, which will take place Sunday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Andretti is related to Mario, Marco, Aldo, Adam, Michael and Jeff Andretti. The family, as one might expect, loves competing – and not just in racing.

“I would just say competing in general,” Andretti said on The DA Show, reflecting on his upbringing. “The guys would compete, whether it was bikes or hot wheels or doing anything. My sisters, I compete heavily with (them) in academia and things like that. We’re a very competitive family. My kids are the same way. Everything is driven by competition and beating somebody. I love that. It’s not a world of equals; it’s (about) separating yourself from the crowd and trying to be always better. It doesn’t matter if it’s racing or outside of racing. We don’t like to lose at a game of cards. It doesn't matter if money is involved or not. It’s just a matter of losing. When our family gets together, it’s pretty aggressive.”

Andretti, 55, also discussed his health. He was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in January 2017.

“It was one of those things where I should have gotten a colonoscopy when I was 50,” he said. “I was 53, and my wife was going in (for an appointment). I just scheduled my colonoscopy then, and they found cancer in my colon. Since then, it spread to my liver. As of right now, things, we thought, were progressing well. Unfortunately, they’re not. But we’re continuing to fight, and we’re going to fight until the end.”