Jets Reporter: Bridgewater Can Still Play

The Jets have a crowded quarterback room with veteran Josh McCown, rookie Sam Darnold and wild card Teddy Bridgewater

After Hours with Amy Lawrence
June 20, 2018 - 10:19 am

USA Today Images

Teddy Bridgewater has attempted just two passes since the 2015 NFL season, but he is absolutely in the mix to be the New York Jets’ starter in Week 1.

“He’s healthy,” The Athletic Jets reporter Connor Hughes said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I think that’s the big thing. It was certainly a pretty big question mark heading into this whole thing: Is Teddy Bridgewater even capable of playing?”

Apparently, yes.

“Throughout OTAs and minicamp, he was a full participant,” Hughes said. “He did individual drills, he did team drills, he wasn’t limited in any way shape or form, he made plays in the pocket, outside the pocket, and he looks good. I think the big thing with Teddy is that he’s healthy.”

Bridgewater, however, doesn’t have an easy path to the top of the depth chart. Incumbent Josh McCown and No. 3 pick Sam Darnold are in his way.

“I’m not sure where exactly he fits yet,” Hughes said of Bridgewater. “I can’t imagine that you keep Teddy Bridgewater as your backup quarterback. I can’t really see Sam Darnold being the third quarterback. I can’t really see the Jets keeping all three of these guys at once unless Teddy Bridgewater is the starter. So it’s almost a situation building where Darnold continues to progress and it gets to the point where the Jets believe he can start, Teddy Bridgewater continues to play well as he did throughout minicamp and OTAs, and suddenly the Jets have a guy that can deal for a second-round pick.”

Hughes acknowledged that Bridgewater hasn’t taken a hit or played meaningful snaps yet. But if his performance this offseason is any indication, he’s still a capable quarterback. And he’s still only 25.

“To this point, Teddy Bridegwater has shown he can still play quarterback in the NFL,” Hughes said. “He’s shown he’s healthy, and he’s shown that he is undoubtedly deserving of a starting spot in the league. But when you’ve got a team that just invested the third overall pick in the draft on a quarterback who is going to play at some point, where does he fit into this team? If he’s a trade piece, the Jets might be looking at something pretty decent back for him.”

The Jets open the season at Detroit on Monday, Sept. 10, before returning home for a Week 2 game against Miami.