Jackson: It Wasn't Nice What I Did To Silva

Rampage Jackson knows why Wanderlei Silva doesn't like him; he just doesn't care

The DA Show
November 01, 2018 - 1:00 pm

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Video of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Bellator MMA fighter in studio I D.A. Show I

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion and MMA legend Rampage Jackson dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss his upcoming fight with Wanderlei Silva. 

Jackson, 40, and Silva, 41, will fight Sept. 29 as part of a Bellator event in San Jose, California, marking the fourth meeting of their careers. Silva won the first two matches – in 2003 and 2004, respectively – but Jackson scored a first-round knockout in the third match at UFC 92 in 2008.

“I’m sick of the dude, but I ain’t sick of kicking his ass,” Jackson said in studio on The DA Show. “The last time I fought him, I knocked him out and he left the weight class. He just said, ‘You know what? Man, I’m dropping down.’”

Silva, though, contacted Jackson about their upcoming fight.

“I was really surprised,” Jackson said. “I was like, ‘What’s going on with (him)? Does he need some money or something?’”

Perhaps, but what he wanted most might have been revenge.

“I didn’t think about it, but when I knocked him out, I was in the zone so I gave him a couple more punches while he was unconscious,” Jackson said. “That wasn’t nice. I’ve seen the footage, but I never thought anything of it because in my sport, it wasn’t illegal. Like, you fight until the referee pulls you off. But looking back, it wasn’t nice what I did. So he’s kind of upset about that.”

Jackson, though, has no regrets.

“He kind of got in my face at the weigh-ins,” Jackson recalled. “I think he pushed me at the weigh-ins. He’s a bully. Behind the scenes, he was all in my face. He was taunting me and saying how he was going to hurt me and knock me out, trying to scare me. That’s what he does: he scares his opponent. But I’ve never been afraid of him. That’s why he doesn’t like me.”

Jackson remembers asking Silva if he should be scared of him. Yes, Silva replied, you should be.

“I’m like, ‘Man, are you bringing a gun to this fight? Are you going to have knives or something? Are your homeboys going to jump me? What should I be afraid of?’” Jackson joked. “I’m fighting in the cage. That’s the safest place to fight. Why am I going to be scared? Either I’m going to knock you out or you’re going to knock me out. I’ve been knocked out before. It’s not scary. It don’t even hurt. You don’t feel it.”

Silva may or may not disagree with that.

“I knocked him the hell out,” Jackson said. “I was so riled up, I was in the zone that I didn’t even realize that he was half-dead and I was still punching him. I was wrong for that, but I’m not sorry. If somebody did that to me, I get where he’s coming from. Somebody said, ‘Wanderlei said he was mad at you because you kept punching him when he was knocked out.’ I go, ‘Okay, that makes sense.’”