Duquette: Showalter Could Be On Hot Seat

The Orioles have the worst record in the majors

Taz and the Moose
June 27, 2018 - 9:30 am

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We’re only halfway through the MLB season, but already there are managers who could be on the hot seat. Former GM and current MLB analyst Jim Duquette doesn’t envision a ton of managerial turnover this year, but there could be a few casualties.

“Buck Showalter, there’s a lot of uncertainty,” Duquette said on Taz & The Moose. “It’s the last year of his deal. This is the worst team right now in the major leagues with the highest expectations in the game, and it hasn’t been a good look.”

The Orioles (23-55) trail the Yankees (52-25) by a staggering 29.5 games and have the second worst run differential (-116) in the majors.

“So I think you have to at least look at that and go, ‘There’s at least a possibility (he could be let go),’” Duquette said. “Outside of that, it’s hard to see too many changes going on. I think Cincinnati will replace Jim Riggleman, although they’ve played close to .500 ball since he took over. Unless there’s a real collapse of some other teams, I don’t see any other managerial changes this year.”

Tampa Bay (39-40), meanwhile, is hovering around .500, which is commendable given franchise constraints.

“Kevin Cash, I always wonder about in Tampa,” Duquette said. “I loved him, and he’s always hampered by the payroll and a lesser roster. They’ve overachieved since they’ve started a reliever every couple days. So I don’t think he’ll have to worry too much. If he (got fired), he’d get snatched up pretty much in a hurry.”