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Drug Addiction Rehab: Supervised Detox And Recovery

May 25, 2018 - 11:29 am

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One of the most challenging aspects of drug rehab is detox. The longer a person abuses prescription or illegal drugs, the more chemically dependent they become. And the longer a person is chemically dependent, the more intense the side effects when trying to quit using their drug of choice. For that reason, it’s important for those struggling with drug addiction to seek supervised detox and recovery in a comfortable and safe place.

The Side of Effects of Drug Detox

The side effects that accompany cessation of drug intake vary by the user’s drug of choice. However, common withdrawal symptoms include intense cravings, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression and cold flashes. That said, opioid chemical dependencies, such as to prescription pain medication or heroin, can provide severe side effects, including death in certain unhealthy individuals. For that reason, it’s extremely important that drugs abusers undergo the detoxing process while closely monitored by medical professionals.

The Benefits of Medical Supervised Detox

The most important reason drug users should undergo detox and recovery at an accredited drug rehabilitation center is that its staff can monitor their vital signs throughout the drug rehab process. If any medical complications occur, licensed medical professionals can ensure that all appropriate medical treatment is given. They can also ensure that clients are properly nourished and hydrated as they are being detoxified and while on their road to recovery.

Why You Should Detox at Passages Malibu

In addition to being a top-flight drug rehabilitation center, Passages Malibu offers its clients something none of its competitors can: A holistic treatment for their addiction. Passages specializes in helping clients not only detoxify from drugs, but also heal the mental, physical and spiritual damage that has been done by chemical dependency.

Passages’ innovative non-12-step based treatment program helps clients treat the underlying issues that led to them to abuse drugs in the first place—not just the symptom of addiction. The center’s philosophy is that addiction is not an incurable disease, but rather an imminently treatable condition. And by working with a host of experienced therapists in a series of customized one-on-one sessions, clients can get the support they need to in their chemical dependency permanently.


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