DeMarcus Cousins Joining The Golden State Warriors Removes Uncertainty For Next NBA Season

“Watching Golden State is going to be like watching a video game,” Jeff Goodman says

Ferrall On The Bench
October 30, 2018 - 11:30 am

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports


It’s crazy what can happen to the NBA landscape in just the span of one day. 

Almost 24 hours after being reported that LeBron James was going to play next season in a purple and gold uniform for the Los Angeles Lakers, DeMarcus Cousins made his free agency decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors, leaving numerous people around the league in absolute shock.

In an interview with CBS Sports Radio, Stadium NBA and college basketball reporter Jeff Goodman gave his insight on the situation that has stunned basketball enthusiasts everywhere. Reflecting on this dramatic development in free agency, Goodman spoke on how remarkably quick it was for Cousin’s decision to take the spotlight away from James’s particular announcement.

“It’s amazing to me that somebody could upstage LeBron,” Goodman said on Ferrall on the Bench. “Think about that — LeBron goes to the Lakers and ultimately the next day, this news to me was bigger in a sense because now you’re going to have everybody talk about Golden State and how they’re ruining basketball.”

While he doesn’t necessarily agree with this statement, Goodman does admit that the Warriors signing Cousins removes a lot of the exciting unpredictability that fans were looking forward to heading into next year.

“I don’t know if they’re ruining it, but certainly there’s a lot less uncertainty,” Goodman said. “We thought maybe the Lakers could pull off something to get Kawhi (Leonard), and then you have Houston with a healthy Chris Paul, and the Celtics are getting better with Kyrie (Irving) and (Gordon) Hayward back, and Philly with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid getting healthy and a year under their belt. It was going to start to get a little bit of intrigue into the NBA, and now you got this.”

Questions still remain surrounding the torn Achilles tendon that Cousins suffered last January, which conclusively sidelined the four-time All-Star for the remainder of the season. Despite the injury, Cousins is hopeful to return to the court by December or January. Goodman astutely notes that no matter how long it takes for the big man to recover, Golden State is in no obvious hurry get Cousins back, but once he does, it’s going to be something to behold.

“Watching Golden State is going to be like watching a video game,” Goodman said. “He is coming off of a major injury, but I think by the middle of next year — If he’s good after the All-Star break, they’re fine. There’s no pressure. They don’t need Boogie Cousins to win it all, but it’s going to be like a video game.”