Carolina Panthers Tight End Greg Olsen: Eric Reid Can Do Nothing But Help Us

The Panthers signed Reid, a former first-round pick, on Thursday

The DA Show
May 20, 2019 - 11:00 pm

Video of Carolina Panthers Tight End Greg Olsen Full

The Carolina Panthers signed safety Eric Reid on Thursday, and three-time Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen couldn’t be happier.

“I think guys are looking forward to him joining us,” Olsen said on The DA Show. “Obviously from a football standpoint, he’s played this game for a long time now, and we played against him as far back as 2013 when he was in the playoff game in San Francisco. So obviously we’ve seen him play up close, we’ve seen him play rom afar – he played really well last year out in San Francisco. I think we’re looking forward to it. Anytime you can add a veteran guy who’s played at a high level, it can do nothing but help you.”

Reid was the first player to protest social injustice alongside Colin Kaepernick. He became, for many teams, a lightning rod.

“I don’t know him well personally,” Olsen said. “I met him real quick yesterday, but from people who have known him, played with him, (been) friends with him, they say nothing but good things. I think guys are looking forward to getting to know him, getting to welcome him to the team next week and kind of hitting the ground running and getting him caught up to speed so he can try to help us.”

The Panthers, who are on a bye this week, host the Giants (1-2) in Week 5 at 1 p.m. ET.