Boyer: Anthem Policy A "Missed Opportunity"

Roger Goodell and the owners should have involved the players before making this decision, Boyer says

After Hours with Amy Lawrence
June 08, 2018 - 5:45 am

USA Today Images

Former Green Beret and Seahawks long snapper Nate Boyer played a subtle yet pivotal role in Colin Kaepernick’s protest: He convinced the former NFL quarterback to kneel, not sit, during the national anthem.

Boyer supported Kaepernick’s right to protest but thought taking a knee showed more respect to the military – fallen soldiers, especially.

His thoughts on the NFL’s new anthem policy? Mixed.

“I honestly think that Roger Goodell and a lot of the people at the league level have not done as awful a job as a lot of people are alluding to,” Boyer said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I think they took way too long to make some decisions and to kind of move forward with stuff. But I think part of the reason for that was they were trying to take everybody into consideration. Now, that being said, I think they missed an opportunity to involve the players in those meetings about what was going to be the decisions (and) what was going to be done.”

Instead, the NFL announced that all players must stand for the national anthem. If they don’t want to stand for the anthem, they must wait in the locker room until the anthem ends.

“I understand the owners own the teams, and it is their business at the end of the day,” Boyer said. “But without the players, you don’t have a league – and you definitely don’t have a product. They’re essential. They’re not just replaceable. What’s so good about football is that high-competition level. You’ll lose (if) you don’t keep these people involved in this type of stuff. Because it’s important. It’s an important part of that. 

“No, we don't play football for political reasons,” Boyer continued, “but the issue (is) an important one. I think (the NFL) missed an opportunity to really involve (the players) in a conversation and get something done positive.”