Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy: New England Patriots Aren't That Good

The Patriots are favored to beat the Chiefs, but Dan Shaughnessy won’t be surprised if they don’t

The DA Show
March 16, 2019 - 12:45 am

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Sunday Night Football is shaping up to be a dandy. On the one side, the unblemished Kansas City Chiefs (5-0), who have looked unstoppable with Patrick Mahomes directing the offense. On the other side, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. 

Perhaps you’ve heard of them.

The Patriots (3-2) are favored to win this game, but Dan Shaughnessy won’t be surprised if they don’t.

“I don’t think the Patriots are that good,” the Boston Globe columnist said on The DA Show. “They’re always in the AFC Championship game – seven years in a row. I feel like a lot of it is smoke and mirrors now. It’s the coaching, it’s the schemes, it’s the conference, it’s the horrible division they’re always in. The people on the other side of the ball are as talented – or more – but they just lose their minds. Bill O’Brien did that in the opener here this year. You can count on it.

“Kansas City is a little different,” Shaughnessy continued. “They basically routed these guys in the opener last year in Foxboro, and we all remember four years ago in Kansas City when they spanked them. Not many guys left from that, but at the same time, (the Patriots) look ripe for (a loss) if an elite quarterback can carve them up. Is Mahomes that yet? He certainly has been to this point, but Belichick does pretty well against young quarterbacks.”

Mahomes has thrown for 1,513 yards, 14 touchdowns and two interceptions this season. He’s also rushed for two scores.

He offers decidedly more competition than, well, the AFC East.

“Patriots fans are crazy about that, and they’re wrong,” Shaughnessy said. “It’s not that the Patriots automatically win six games. Miami, Jets, Bills all suck, suck, suck year after year. That’s it. Fifteen out of 17 for New England. Try to name the second-best quarterback in the AFC East in the last 18 years. It’s probably Jimmy Garoppolo. You might be able to make a case for (Ryan) Tannehill or (Chad) Pennington. It’s this rotation of new coaches, new quarterbacks, new systems and it just never gets any better. So by Thanksgiving, they’ve always got it wrapped up so there’s no push.”

The Dolphins came to Foxboro in Week 4 a perfect 3-0. They had a prime opportunity to bury the Patriots, who were 1-2 and reeling from back-to-back losses.

The Patriots won 38-7.

“The Dolphins came in here undefeated and were basically mathematically eliminated from the race while still being in first place – and it all happened on the same day,” Shaughnessy said. “Anybody who watched that game knows what I’m talking about. It’s over. That’s it. We know they’re going to get the first-round bye, second-round home game, win one and you’re in the AFC Championship. That’s where they want to be. That’s where they are every year. The division is a big part of it.”