Benjamin Watson Discusses Tom Brady, Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots

The 15-year NFL vet reflected on his career and compared and contrasted Tom Brady and Drew Brees

Reiter Than You
October 29, 2018 - 9:20 am

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Benjamin Watson is in the midst of his 15th NFL season, and most of those years have been spent playing for two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time: Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

“They’re both great competitors,” Watson said on Reiter The You. “You don’t become great at anything that you do in any sphere or occupation if you’re not very, very competitive, if you’re not someone who pays a lot of attention to detail, and if you’re somebody that’s not easily satisfied. I remember times in New England, winning a Super Bowl or winning a big game by a large margin and Tom is the first one in there the next day working out or upset about certain plays that he didn’t make, wanting to correct those things and move on to the next week. The same thing with Drew. They’re two guys that are very driven to perfection. They’re very similar.”

Their personalities, though, are a little different

“When you look at them on game day, you always see Tom going up and down the sideline, yelling, encouraging guys,” Watson said. “Drew does it the same way. He just does it in a different style. So they have different styles, but they’re very similar in a lot of ways.”

Watson, a first-round pick out of Georgia in 2004, played for the Patriots from 2004-09 and for the Saints from 2013-15 and now again in 2018. He said playing for New Orleans is more fun than playing for New England.

“For me, it definitely has been more fun playing in New Orleans,” he said. “But I think part of that is also where I am in my career. I come here in Year 10 and I played here Year 10, 11, 12, and now I’m back here for Year 15. I’ve been married for 13 years. I got five children. I’m an adult. I’m not as easily affected by some of the things that happen between coaches and players and the way they talk in the locker room. I know more about who I am as a player and a person.

“Going back to 2004, coming straight out of college, playing in New England was very tough for me,” Watson continued. “It was great winning – and that’s what this business is about. But I did struggle. Honestly, I struggled a lot being in that environment and the pressure to perform. Now looking back, I appreciate a lot of what Coach Belichick said and what he did and how he runs that program because you can see their consistency and the reason why they’ve been so successful. So 37-year-old Benjamin looks back and can appreciate some of those things, whereas 22-year-old Benjamin through 24, it was a struggle, definitely.”