Bart Scott Calls Doug Marrone A Liar For Saying He Doesn't Watch Super Bowl

Doug Marrone claims he hasn't watched a Super Bowl since the late-1970s. Bart Scott's response? "You're a liar"

The DA Show
November 01, 2018 - 11:15 am

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Video of Bart Scott joins D.A. in studio

Doug Marrone does not like the Super Bowl.

Yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach said he has not watched the Super Bowl since the late 1970s. The reason? He is too angry to watch it, as he is not in it.

Bart Scott ain’t buying it.

“You’re a liar,” Scott said on The DA Show. “You’re just a liar. Come on, man. Listen, I hate losing just like anybody else, and I hate watching the Super Bowl and I say I’m not going to watch it. But for him to be a coach and say he hasn’t watched a Super Bowl since he was 12? Come on, man.”

Marrone led Jacksonville to the AFC Championship Game last season, but the Jaguars lost to the Patriots in Foxboro. He’ll get another crack at New England this Sunday in Jacksonville at 4:25 p.m. ET.

This led to a debate about the second-best coach in the NFL (behind Bill Belichick, of course). DA’s producer, Shaun Morash, argued on Marrone’s behalf, but Scott opted for Andy Reid.

DA asked about Mike Tomlin.

“Tomlin, with the talent that he’s had, has not figured out a way to beat the Patriots – and no matter what he does, that defense always falters against the Patriots,” Scott said. “He hasn’t come up with a game plan. The offense has been able to be effective, but that defense – when you see the Patriots versus the Steelers, you know that they’re going to lose. You just don’t know by how much. But they’re going to lose.”