Baltimore Orioles Don't Have Plan, Will Trade Manny Machado

Jeremy Conn has no idea what the Orioles are doing; neither does the front office

Ferrall On The Bench
October 30, 2018 - 11:01 am

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Manny Machado hit two home runs against the New York Yankees on Tuesday, leading the Orioles to a 6-5 win over perhaps the best team in baseball. Unfortunately, Baltimore has the worst record in the majors (26-66) and will likely trade Machado sooner rather than later.

Which begs the question: Why did the Orioles give Chris Davis a seven-year, $161-million contract knowing they would likely need to break the bank for Machado, who is one of the best players in baseball?

“That’s the question a lot of us are asking,” Baltimore’s 105.7 The Fan host Jeremy Conn said on Ferrall on the Bench. “We thought (the Davis contract) was a sign of the Orioles showing that they're willing to spend money and thought they would figure something out with Machado. But they spent all this money on (Davis) and that’s one of the reasons they know they can’t afford (Machado) in the offseason. Any type of effort they make at him is going to be a failed attempt with how much money he’s going to be worth on the open market.”

Machado, 26, is hitting .314 with 23 homers, 63 RBIs and a .385 OBP. He has almost as many home runs as the Orioles have wins.

“It’s frustrating because we don’t know what the direction of the team is,” Conn said. “It’s tough to figure out what’s happening and what direction we’re going. Fans say now that they would buy in if (the team) said, ‘Hey, we’re going to blow it up and rebuild it and do what the Phillies and the Astros did,’ but that's three to four years of horrendous losing that’s in front of us. Nobody expected this season. I don’t care how bad you thought the team would be. They just find ways to lose.”

And they’re going to lose Machado.

“We don’t know what the direction of the franchise is, but we do know they’re not going to be keeping Manny Machado,” Conn said. “This seems like a generational talent that you’d like to build around. But they’re going to move him, and he’ll be a rental for someone else, most likely the Yankees, Brewers, Dodgers – somebody in that realm.

“Each fan kind of holds out hope that you get the Aroldis Chapman (situation) – you trade him away, you get some great prospects, and you sign him back in the offseason,” Conn continued. “But that’s just not what the team is going to do. They got to figure out financially what they're going to do after a bunch of bad contracts. Chris Davis, he’s on pace to have one of the worst baseball seasons in the history of the league.”

Davis, 32, is batting .160 with nine home runs, 28 RBIs and 108 strikeouts in 275 at-bats. His OBP is .234 and his slugging is a paltry .284.

“We’re praying that he gets, where, to .180?” Conn said of Davis’ batting average. “It’s just dreadful what we’re seeing out of him.”